Blinds by Design

  • Real Wood: Painted or Stained, a timeless look
  • Faux Wood: Budget friendly, works with any decor
  • Vertical: Hi-tech and high-style
  • Aluminum: Great for commercial use

A Blind for Every Window | Shutters and Blinds Raleigh, NC

High quality blinds are a part of the product suite that Shutters and Blinds by Design offers to our customers. Also serving the regions of Holly Springs, Apex, Wake Forest, and Cary, we bring our customers affordable blinds that meet their style, purpose, and comfort. Each, in their own way, protects your space from theft, overbearing light, and too much shade. In fact, each blind option is a complete treatment solution as it always includes a valance. To learn more about each style, read the brief descriptions below.  Whichever choice you make, Shutters and Blinds Design looks forward to working with you.

Real Wood Blinds: These have a richer feel and are, in fact, lighter than man-made materials. They come in a variety of stains and painted finishes adding warmth and beauty to your living space.

Faux Wood Blinds: Equally stylish and more affordable than real wood blinds, these do their job effectively to bring you light and shade whenever you want it most.

Aluminum Blinds: Some spaces come to life with cool, mysterious like blinds that come in any color option. 

Vertical Blinds: A functional and affordable option for sliding glass doors is the main use for vertical blinds.

In all that you do to add blinds to your window space, you can rely on our trusted brands to bring you quality.

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