Roller shades are window coverings in Raleigh, NC that have a rolling mechanism. Neat, flat, and clean are a few ways to describe roller shades. Anyone who prefers a window covering that is modern may enjoy them. The top of a roller shade fits at the upper part of the window. Cloth or vinyl is attached to the shade’s top as well as its bottom bar. In a standard rolling type of shade, the window covering rolls out from the back in a downward motion. In a reverse rolling roller shade, the fabric rolls from the front to create a more streamlined look.

Roller shades are both practical and stylish. They not only provide easy to use window coverings, but can add color, design and texture to a room. For example, a tropical print fabric on a roller shade would nicely compliment a decor with rattan furniture, while neutral solid tweed could be used in traditional interiors. Roller shades tend to be budget-friendly and often cost less than blinds in Raleigh, NC. Whereas window blinds tend to bend easily, a roller shade doesn’t have slats, so bending isn’t a problem.

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